The Company Players Presents: Power to the People

This Sunday, come to the Improv Den at 62B South Bridge Road for an evening of excitement, drama and hilarity. Don't you sometimes wish you could tell people exactly what you thought of them- and preferably with a projectile weapon of some sort? Well- now you'll finally get your chance!

Start your evening with The Company Players as they show just how they perform when they're under fire from all sides and have to improvise their way through a hail of Nerf darts (shot by none other than you- the audience!) Once your thirst for foam projectile-based violence has been slaked, cap off your weekend with The Plot Thickeners as they explore the drama, pathos and humour that inevitably occurs when you put a few unlikely humans in one place.

Action! Drama! And a whole barrel full of laughs- all in one evening! One night only, this Sunday at The Improv Den!
Sun May 28, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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62B South Bridge Road
Online Ticket SOLD OUT $15.00
Venue Address
62B South Bridge Road Singapore
The Improv Company